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1st of December

New Event's up!

The other worlds are back, but no matter what's been happening in the months since they last had an event, their roles are all the same.

This Event is probably an epiphany for most of the more involved Constants. The question is, what will they do with that information?

As mentioned in the Special Note prompts, commenting on the Event journal with what your character wishes will happen will aid the direction in how everything is resolved!

Happy Holidays!

7th of November

Event's up now!

Hopefully with graduation, there won't be delays anymore~

1st of November


Oh yeah it's the 1st today.

Will hopefully update everything soon, but I have a Grad Showcase to help organise and do for the next few days so I hope you can understand <3

1st of October

Happy Halloween everyone!

We're finally getting some resolution to events that happened two years ago. Hope you all enjoy! I've been waiting for this event for a while now~

2nd of September

I hope you are all enjoying the latest instalment of the plot.

Because you're all going to have such a great time next month.


6th of August

World 5's finale event is now up.

2nd of August

We're now reached finale season of Constants, whether that be world finales, or the group's own end.

As I mentioned earlier, time is now a bit more abstract, so events might not neccesarily last a whole month in group (but events will still go for a month. Any number of decisions could cause different outcomes down the line. Remember that pming me ideas about what your character would do is a valid way to go about things.

29th of July

Hey guys!

I'm now in my last semester of university, which has made it clear to me that Constants should be concluding soon. This is not to say that the group is ending this month but, just be aware that we are now making our way to the end.

The Tarot Readings will no longer matter so everyone can wrap up things as they wish. This is also because the final events won't neccesarily be set a month chronologically apart so this will allow for a more flexible timeline.

No matter how the group ends, please keep in mind that the group will remain in a sandbox like state.

1st of July

I put up the Events and didn't do an announcement for it. Whoops. Well here it is.

28th of June

The Moon has been activated...

15th of June

Tarot reading submissions is up!

8 of June

Thanks for your patience while I had to recover from Uni! Which, I still need to, but, couldn't leave you guys waiting that long. My events are now up for June.

16th of May

The 15th slipped my mind #oops.

Just a heads up, all of my remaining assignments are due on June 2nd. Then I'm free (for a few months). Soon.

8th of May

Aaand a week later the Events are up. Yay for being busy. Hope you all are managing fine with life!  

April's events are here.

1st of May

Yeah, Events will come late 'cause of assignment suffering. Shouldn't be too many days late, but it's always a joy when the first of the month lands on a school day.

27th of April

I'm screaming under assignments, you're screaming under exams (probably). As a result, everyone gets a one week extension on events. You can ask for an additional one week extension on top of this.

15th of April

Tarot reading submissions is up ~

3rd of April
Events are up! The April Fools event will still be available for the whole month. Remember you can get an additional Tarot Card if you complete it!

2nd of April
Unfortunately I was not able to get the new events done and up yet as I had a school assignment that took up my day. Apologies. Expect the events up soon, but now now!

1st of April
April Fools everyone!

Proper Events will be going up tomorrow.
March's events are here.

21st of March

The W2 Rp from last month is finally logged.

With this comes a new tab on the Constants Pip System and Calculator doc: an RP Logger. This tab acts as a word counter, as well as a calculator. In addition, Literature has been slightly buffed. It is now 25 Pips for every 100 (or 1 Pip for every 4 words), with the 1k Bonus now 200 Pips.

The W2 Event is finally up! Given the delays already, it seems only right that W2 goes on Hiatus after this Event concludes. Let the City pick up the pieces off camera, so to speak. To remedy the late Event, this Event will be going for the whole of April as well.

Speaking of April. A lot of April Fools ideas have been thrown around over the last year, so much that I don't remember any of them. If you have April Fools ideas, please note the group. Do not Skype the ideas so that they're all in one place.

15th of March

Tarot reading journal is up. Activity check for the Important Roles in February has officially been accounted for.

2nd of March

W3's event has now been uploaded!

1st of March

February Events are here.

Tarot Reading's up, Event's are up...well, except for W2 and W3. They will hopefully be up shortly!

There wasn't a MotM last month, or a MotM this month, because all active members have obtained it already. I would have reset the MotM had it not been for the fact that

We're happy to announce that Constants is finally open again!

Constants is once more open, until an Event in W0 means it is illogical for people to be able to join. Please note that there is a good chance this may be the last time people will be able to join the group. The next time Constants closes may be due to the plot entering a stage where new people would not really work in. But that might not be for some time!

28th of February

Heyo, since this month is shorter than the rest, there's a two day extension by default. All asked extensions apply after this month-lengthening extension ends.

15th of February

I said end of the week, and here we are in the middle of the month. Hi.

Sorry, other group stuff happened, and some quite draining stuff happened. I hope you can all understand as always.

But i've done the more essential things I want to get done for Constants before its considered ready for opening.

There is now an Important Roles journal. There's now a Chapter 3 journal.

The Points System has been updated.
It is now in a google sheets doc. The Crafts rubric is now present. The way Backgrounds are pointed has changed. There is now a new calculator attached.

I feel like everything should be fine for the group to reopen in March. Sorry about the delays. March is just...well, it's hectic in its own way because i'm going back to Uni, but, it should be less hectic than this month has been. I've modded many a month while at Uni. So should be good.

We do need to address two worlds though: World 1 and 2.

World 1 was created near the start of Constants. Back then, I had no idea that this would still be going on for so long. As such, it wasn't a world made to last. Schools are tricky because inevitably someone will reach an point where they should be leaving the school. But then what?

As such, unless someone brings forth a good enough idea, World 1 will be concluding at the end of the War Arc, which will most likely end in the next month or two.

World 2 was created with an Steampunk aesthetic in mind, but, didn't have much else going for it. The Tinkerer and Alchemist conflict could only go so far, especially when everyone does lean more towards Unity. And even if Enquitar City turns to one of harmony, then well, how much else can you get from that at that point? There's still one last thing to try, with Charlie 2.0. But, if it doesn't stop being stagnant, World 2 will have to come to an end.

For now that is.

In a group where each month marks new events, new things that happen and change, time skips are impossible. If we can understand that each month can make a big difference, you want to experience it all first hand. So, to put a world on hiatus becomes the closest thing to a time skip. The months still pass in real time, instead of months condensed into one.

So, even if we do close them for now, World 1 and 2 might resurface later.

1st of February

Events are up now. Those who have not completed the Activity Check have been kicked out.

For my own sanity, I am going to do all the prep for Constants reopening, like the Chapter 3 summary, after this week as it is quite busy for me. I hope you all understand.

16th of January

*Raptor Screeches*

Was busy and it completely slipped my mind that the evening of the 15th is when I usually put up the Tarot Reading, not my 16th. Timezones are hard, and I was busy yesterday |D

7th of January

I have recently come to realise that, while I see Constants as being in the middle of its main plot right now, I could end Chapter 3 at any given time, and throw it into Chapter 4. And well, Chapter 4 and Chapter 5, are the last chapters of the plot. I can't see Chapter 4 being a particularly long chapter, and Chapter 5 is the point of no return, where all world plots have to be resolved by.

Now, just because I could, doesn't mean I will. There are worlds that have hardly touched on their plots yet. I still want to have the group open to get some potential new characters in the mix. But, I don't think I can push back Chapter 4 and 5 more than a year from now, at the latest.

World holders, let this be your warning. Those who want worlds, know that I only think there's enough time for one or two more worlds. Obviously nothing too plot heavy because they'll have to be established and resolved within a year.

I am also making the executive decision to only permit people to make one world each, so that other people can get those coveted last worlds.

Now that's covered, don't let the idea of the plot ending get to your minds. We still have a long ways to go.

2nd of January

W0's event has been updated with Scyllus's funeral stuff.

And two people have discovered who the W4 Killer is. I hope it was worth Victor's coma guys ~
Obviously no one is allowed to post about the W4 Killer's identity until the end of the month so everyone can still have a go.

1st of January

Happy New Year to you all!

The events are up. Everyone is screaming...

This month's Member of the Month goes to caffeinated-wizard. This has been a long time coming. There have been a few months where he's come close, but missed it by a submission or two. His major downfall has been that he has been quite reliant on extensions in the past, and, obviously, Member of the Month is awarded before any one can really submit anything done on an extension. This month, considering what great help he's been, with a comic, and various background stuff, it would be admiss to not award it to him~
As always, the prize for MotM is an item which is worth 1k or less from the shop, or an item worth more at a 50% discount.

We are officially in an Activity Check now! To pass it you must've submitted something to the group since the start of October, by the end of January.

While this does not affect those on a hiatus of sorts, we will be having a word with anyone on hiatus who has a character in an important role (W4 Faction Leaders, W5 Royals), at the conclusion of this activity check, if they have not submitted anything regarding those important roles since the start of October. This also applies to those who pass the activity check, but have not submitted anything regarding those important roles since the start of October.

Here's all of the members known to be on a hiatus / semi-hiatus. If you are on some sort of hiatus/know someone to be on some sort of a hiatus, please let us know!

SeroIsHere (Owns the Court's Boss)
tinengale (Passes the Check anyway)
Statters (Has been on a hiatus for a year, so action may be taken!)

Here's a helpful list of people who need to submit something to stay in the group!

A major reason for this activity check is, not only to remove those who have been inactive, but also, because concerns about important roles have been raised.

To address that, I will say the following: in Constants, you have a choice of whether you involve yourself in the plot or not, it's just that all active members have chosen to do so. If you choose to take an important role, you are saying that you wish to be involved in the plot in a very major way.

Because of these concerns, we will be implementing activity checks just for important roles. There will still be activity checks for everyone, but those with important roles have this extra check to go through.

Important Role Holders have to submit something every month. While this doesn't not have to be an event submission (as non-event stuff still can make an impact since it's canon) it can't just be a drawing of that character with no contexts. Event summaries are fine.

Failure to do so results in a strike. At three strikes that character dies/isn't in your hands anymore. Strikes only replenish after each activity check.

If an Important Role Holder goes on hiatus, they must give an in-universe reason as to why their character isn't available. An Important Role Holder on hiatus will be checked with once a month on how they are going.

The Important Roles are as such:

Boss of the Pack: Jason - Drazillion
Boss of the Court: Finch - SeroIsHere - ON HIATUS - Calypso - Silver-Firefly
Head of the Balance: Yotsuba - yu-su-ke - TO RESUME IN FEBRUARY

Grandmaster: Calypso - Silver-Firefly
Rose King: Jean/ne - Falling-Wish
Rose Queen: Lyra - caffeinated-wizard
Iris King: Inore - L3W3LYN
Iris Queen: Clover - yu-su-ke - TO RESUME IN FEBRUARY
Laurel King: Ryan - Always-Tea-Time
Laurel Queen: Jaina - Drazillion

There are other important roles that aren't on this list (W2 Council members, for instance) because plot hasn't been so dependant on them. While they do not have activity checks specifically for them, please be wary that they might suddenly be bumped up into the list if they suddenly are needed. So, don't involve yourself in an important role if you are not prepared to take that risk.

This will be effective starting February, after the main activity check finishes. If you wish to drop an Important Role, please do so before this time!

30th of December

What are our thoughts on Discord?

I was thinking of posing this question after the activity check but, Skype's stopped responding/suddenly gone CPU intensive during the last 5 or so times i've tried opening it, and i'm not sure how much patience I have, for the program anymore.

27th of December

Constants often die in unusual ways. Suicide after being in virtual reality for almost a month, getting your card absorbed into someone else's. But this wasn't the case for Scyllus.

He just didn't notice the car coming his way.


Another member is leaving our ranks, OCT-Willpower, who will be swamped with work next year, and therefore won't have the time for this anymore. Maybe he'll return someday. Who knows.

Will is very dear to me, because of his endless assistance with trans/non-binary related issues, as well as point systems. He is always there to lend an opinion, and for that I am grateful.

We wish him the best of luck in his endeavours!

Usually here, I list what happens to each version of Scyllus but, everyone who needs that information, has gotten it already :3c. As for everyone else, I guess you'll just have to wait.

20th of December

A few members have left the group in the last few days, those being Chibi-Bakeneko and Vinkisalwaysconfused.

As Kate was in a weird limbo between plot relevance and a plot irrelevance, Kate will live, and still be canonically a Constant, but will fade into the background for various reasons. Edmund, as he was never relevant to begin with, will be retconned to have just been a normal person, and not a Constant.

I have opted to give the option of not dying this time around because, well, you'll see.

I wish both Chibi and Vink all the best!

16th of December

I put up the tarot reading journal for next month up last night, and forgot to do a notice update to push notices back up top. Oops.

7th of December

Our next Activity Check will officially happen in January. To pass it you must've submitted something to the group since the start of October, by the end of January.

While this does not affect those on a hiatus of sorts, we will be having a word with anyone on hiatus who has a character in an important role (W4 Faction Leaders, W5 Royals), at the conclusion of this activity check, if they have not submitted anything regarding those important roles since the start of October. This also applies to those who pass the activity check, but have not submitted anything regarding those important roles since the start of October.

Here's all of the members known to be on a hiatus / semi-hiatus. If you are on some sort of hiatus/know someone to be on some sort of a hiatus, please let us know!

SeroIsHere (Owns the Court's Boss)
tinengale (Passes the Check anyway)
Statters (Has been on a hiatus for a year, so action may be taken!)

Here's a helpful list of people who need to submit something to stay in the group!

2nd of December

The W4 event has been updated!

You can now jump to the world descriptions of each world by clicking on their respective banners, while clicking on the names of the events jumps to the event for that world.

1st of December

December events are up! W4 still has some information missing due to the particularly heavy dependence on members in that world, but that should be updated within 24 hours.

You might be wondering 'now Ingressus is back online, does this mean the group is open again?'. The truth is we'd like to hold an activity check before we do, to clear out some slots. We haven't worked out the details for the check yet, but most of you should be safe.

There's no MotM this month. Instead we have our now annual Festive Fortune. EVERYONE gets one 25% off coupon for the shop, for this month only. Once the next month comes around, it will be back to Member of the Month-ing.

While it won't be so heavily reinforced this year, due to the fact that no particularly angsty event is planned next month, the Sun card means that angst is not so encouraged this month.

I hope you like the new coding for the event journal, and the new graphics for the front page! Jumping to specific events is now possible, but i'll probably be changing the links to image links to make it look nicer.

Oh and those who participated in CoNoWriMo, remember to comment below with links to the lit pieces, or a google doc holding all of them.

27th of November

Three cards in the tarot reading has been changed...

Because it depends a lot on member suggestion, Constants has less framework than it could to allow for all kinds of ideas. Because suggestion is taken on so readily, not a lot of foresight goes into their implementations.

While this is fine with most things, especially as time has gone by, it has been pretty clear that Constants does not know how to deal with a murder mystery where the culprit is not a mod owned character.

This is why the implementation of aides for this are so sudden, and quite late in the month. Because ideas come out of the blue, so do new mechanics. Hopefully what has been implemented is indeed helpful, and will hopefully lead to more suitable future events.

If you haven't seen them yet, these are what I am referring to.

Constants - W4 Detectives' Corkboard by Drazillion Constants - W4 Mysterious Red Hair by Drazillion

A corkboard for information regarding the W4 Culprit, and a few bits of hair relating to the W4 Red Shoes Tale. A submission for members to collate their information, and a submission for members to volunteer their characters for.

Please note that if the Culprit's identity is not discovered by the end of December, a specific character will get harmed in January. The character's owner has already given their permission for this.

There is no reason why the Red Shoes Tale will not be discovered in December.

15th of November

Tarot Reading submissions is up. I also finally got around to drawing the Alan cheeb.

You might have noticed that I put it up much later than I usually have, and you might also have noticed that, despite me saying earlier that i'd be back on track with updating the group, I still have not been.

While this is partially due to a particular recent event in America, I would like to be forthright in stating that Constants is not the only group I am working right now. I am working on revamping another group from the ground up, and naturally that takes more priority than an already established group. Also, after said event in America, my drive to do much dropped for basically everything but pitching new ideas and such as that is what interests me the most.

I apologise for not getting around to distributing tarot cards, answering comments, reservations and shop purchases yet.

But speaking of revamping. I do want to make some tiny adjustments to the code of the group to make things more efficient for everyone. The only real notable difference will be the fact that events will be more navigational. I'm planning on having a table of contents at the top of the event journal that jumps to a specific event. I also want it that if you press the banners on the front page, they link you to the specific event description, but i'm not entirely sure that's possible with dA code.

The way Banners are done will be revamped also. When I first made the group they were a way to draw members in. Now, there's an established member base, and there are so many worlds and events that it has lately become more of a nuisance. I hope this is understandable.  

These will not be immediate, as, the aforementioned mod tasks that I have not yet done are priority, but they are something I want to do, and hopefully these small touches will make the group run more smoothly in the future.

11th of November

Life loves to throw spanners into the works huh?

As a large portion of the group's members are americans, and, as the whole world is affected in some way by the election, I am putting in more measures for people to relax while still participating in the group.

For Conorimo, the words to also additionally count for an event has been lowered to 1k. So, you could get all of the Event tarot cards by writing 8k words.

For the artists, I am adding a few prompts that can also count for event participation without AU penalty. This is on one condition: You cannot make these prompts angsty in any way.

As with the writing, just write what world you'd like each prompt to count for. You can do these prompts multiple times, as long as you're using different versions of your character for each time. Writers can still do these but also writers can write whatever for this month anyway so.

Your character as an animal.

Your character with an animal body part. These can be actually part of them, or a costume.

Your character interacting with an animal
. Or many animals. Bury your character under a pile of animals.

Love you all <3 <3 <3

1st of November

Another month, another set of events.

If you have taken a look at them already, you will have noticed that they are less intensive than they are usually, with less prompt ideas than usual. This is because November is the month where Nanowrimo happens, and as such, Constants is having a Nanowrimo event of sorts, which will most likely take the majority of time for some of our members.

Before we get talking about it, I would like to reveal that there is no MotM for November due to a smaller than usual amount of event submissions during October. Members who have been in the group for longer might have realised that this happened in November last year as well. October is a busy month for everyone. Like then, submissions in MotM-less months carry over to the next month there is a MotM.

Back to Nanowrimo.

Nanowrimo, or Conowrimo, if you want it to fully make sense, is a month where writing is celebrated.

As such, for November only, the AU penalty is lifted. Writing for AUs will not be cut in half.

In addition to being able to write AUs, you are also allowed to write about AUs about Constants itself. This includes stories where there happens to be a virtual reality, stories where characters exist across different worlds, stories where the same characters reincarnate, and so forth. Your take on the whole deal.

You are encouraged to not only write, but to also try your hand at making a twine game. If you make a twine game, the code you write counts as part of the word count.

Depending on how much you write in this month, you can gain access to tiers of rewards. You receive all of the rewards you are eligible for. So if you write 10k words, you get Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3.

In addition to these tiers, to make sure those who want to reach 50-100k can focus on it, every 5k counts as an event submission. You just have to specify which world they count for in the description.

To redeem the rewards, please comment below at the end of the month with links to the lit pieces.

Tier 1 - 1000 words
Random Tarot card

Tier 2 - 5000 words
Random Major Arcana card

Tier 3 - 10000 words
Twist of Fate: This item allows you to submit something different for an event submission. This can be the beginning of a subplot, or simply giving the character an option that isn't specified by the event. This is only usable for Major Arcana characters.

Tier 4 - 20000 words
Azriel's Bandaid: This item allows your character to be kept out of harm for one month, across worlds. How they will be out of harm will be discussed by the mods, and will be known to you if needed. This may give you alternative Event Prompts. This is only usable for Major Arcana characters.

Tier 5 - 50000 words
One Drawing From Kat

Special Snowflake: This item allows your character to have a unique plot twist, related to the plot of Constants. This is only usable for Major Arcana characters.

Tier 6 - 100000 words
Katesch's Deck: This item allows you to learn a secret or two about the plot of Constants. You are allowed to specify what kind of secret you wish to know.

Note that you can add up the word counts of different pieces of writing to achieve these milestones. Indeed, instead of pointing pieces of writing separately, you can wait until the end of the month to point them all together as if they were one big piece of writing!

The event extension for October still stands. You can see September's events here.

27th of October

One of our members, Giogiorno, has decided to leave dA for good. As such, she, and her character Clover, are now no longer in the group. Clover will eventually die in all of the worlds.

Gio was a good friend of mine from the beginning of my time here on dA as a roleplayer and so it greatly saddens me that she has decided this, but, it is her choice, and I believe she will feel happier away from this website. She was the second Founder of my first rp group here, and I am glad to have been in a group owned by her, and later joined that mod team under her.

All the best Gio!

25th of October

Hey guys.

I'm not quite out of assignments yet, but my one remaining assignment requires me to go to uni and work from there, so while I'm at home I might as well be out of assignments. Except for the whole assignment thing kinda looming over me and all. Can't rest just yet.

Anyway, this means i'll be back on track with moderating this group. To make this easier on me, I will not be updating the banners for October, but they will be updated for the November events. The MotM Chibi for October will be up alongside the MotM November Chibi.

As October kinda kicked my ass, and I believe the same thing applies to some of you in the northern hemisphere, there will be a weeks extension for the October events in the first week of November once more.

Hopefully by December all of these delays and problems will all be gone!

Just a heads up, a Nanowrimo event is being planned for November. There will be rewards depending on how much is written. You may suggest rewards in the comments as what these rewards will be haven't been decided yet. So writers, prepare to start writing. Or not, it's your choice.

15th of October

Tarot Reading journal is up now.

Those in the chat today would know that I have one of my major assignments due tomorrow which I am focusing on right now, so apologies for the delays in everything. Hopefully this should ease soon.

2nd of October

Whew, events are up!

If it isn't obvious from the amount of involvement Jean/ne has in all the events, Falling used an Emperor card last month to make Jean/ne important in all the events.

Since we're on the same topic, once my semester is over, i'll probably get round to updating the shop. Not only does this include items for newer worlds (if they need them), but also some cards.

With the change to having worlds being user-made only from now on, there are some world related cards that are now defunct: The Empress and Temperance. So if anyone has suggestions of how power they should have, please tell.

Our Member of the Month is FeatheryJustice! No runners up this time, meaning Feather was unopposed. As always, the prize for MotM is an item which is worth 1k or less from the shop, or an item worth more at a 50% discount.

The event extension for September still stands. You can see September's events here.

28th of September

A card in the tarot reading has been changed...

Sup guys

If you haven't noticed somehow, i've been real busy lately. It's the pointy end of my school year, and for me that includes making not one, but two games (but one's a Twine game so that's a bit better?)

As a result, while I'm not scrambling for ideas for any of the worlds, i'm distracted enough from Constants to feel like I might not be able to write up everything in time for the start of October. Especially when i'm still writing up stuff for my Twine game assignment.

I might be underestimating myself, but this is a necessary precaution.

What this means for everyone is that you all get a one week's extension of September's events! I know a lot of you have not only started your school year, but your school year for the first year of Uni. So i'm sure this comes as a relief for some of you as well.

The great thing is that in a few weeks, I will be done with my school year. So C0nstants will become more of a focus for me soon. I just have to get over this hurdle first.

15th of September

Tarot Submissions for October is now up!

You might be wondering: why isn't there cards for the World reading?

I am pretty much at my limit for running worlds basically. This means that any future worlds will be user-run worlds; worlds controlled by people who purchase the World card and submit cards for that. The option for World Card holders to submit a world will still be every two months in order to space things out.

Basically we might have to w8 for W8 : P.

W4 is getting a mid-month update!

Due to the mysterious nature of this month's event, I am officially stating that any submission investigating the culprit plot will get a clue in the comments section.

They have to be actually searching in a place that they think might have clues. Detectives of the Balance are more likely to get important clues.

Note that this does not apply to Minor Arcana as this is a chance for more people to get involved.

Due to the fact that Evan attacked Calypso, and the fact that Calypso refuses healing from Shoosh, Calypso will be out of commission for the rest of the month. Calypso is keeping news of this attack hidden, so most of the character should not know about this, however she has emailed Jason.

Members of the Court have an additional prompt regarding this: Your character wondering why Calypso has been absent for the last while.

Jason and Evan have an additional prompt: Your character discussing the attack on Calypso and what the ramifications may be.

3rd January
Hey guys!

While Constants never really lapsed in activity except in October, I think we can all agree that since around December, and the newcomers, that everything has gotten much more livelier.

As such, world building is more important than ever, especially world building produced from members! and especially for W0.

So here is what has been established as canon so far.
I'll put these in a more permanent spot soon but for the sake of being official and everyone seeing them, these will be placed here for the time being.


The internet isn't completely replaced by Ingressus. The screen nature of it is still useful in ways that a virtual reality is not.

The internet's favourite instant messenger is known as 'Hype', derived from the word Hyper. It's not a particularly special messenger, except that it runs very smoothly unlike a certain messenger today and can be used for calls and video calls. Hype's colour scheme is of bright purple and white.
There is the option to connect one's Hype to one's Ingressus Messenger.


A lot of Ingressus's functionalities can be summoned by merely thinking about them, from deciding to log out to opening the Ingressus Messenger, to taking a screenshot.

Things like the Messenger, and Friend Lists, and a Map of Ingressus City, appear in front of the user on 'hologram' screens/panels. By default they are visible to all players in the vicinity but this can be turned off.

The Messenger works in two ways: mentally thinking up a message, and typing out a reply on a keyboard that appears. You can only message people on your Friends List.

To request friendship, simply point at the other person with the intention of friend requesting, and a screens should pop up in front of them that they can accept or decline.

The Screenshot functionality is customisable. By default, it appears if you form L shapes with your index fingers and thumbs and move them to form a frame, and will the screenshot to be taken. However, you can choose to change it into a Camera, or a frame that you can move and adjust, for instance.

Settings relevant to the function appear in the screen of said function, but can also be accessed by wanting the Settings panel to appear. In Settings you can adjust ambient sound levels, taste levels, smell levels, and you can activate or deactivate closed captions and/or translation.

In case of an emergency, Ingressus Mods can be contacted by willing in the Emergency Panel to appear. Severe punishments are issued to those who use this to prank call them, usually bans from Ingressus ranging from a week to a few months.

A better knowledge of Ingressus's code allows for more functionality. For example, the late Mary Jewess could 'copy and paste' items.

But this flexibility and accessibility may lead Ingressus to it's downfall.

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December 1st - December 31st


Have you ever been in an rp group and thought about your character in multiple AUs? In Constants you'll be able to do this...and it will all actually be canon!

Though canon means that there will be consequences for those actions...

Contribute to the group by helping to determine what the next world is like or what the next month's events will be like through tarot cards, which are the reward for events (and are also purchasable from the shop)

This is a group where every member can help determine the future! I must warn you though:

Fate isn't always so pleasant...
...and when it is, how long will that last?

R16 Rating


So many different worlds, which one will you explore today?
If you have an rp group we would be more than happy to affiliate with it!
Do not comment your affiliation request however.

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